Italy’s Zona Traffico Limitato and How to Avoid it

Avoiding the Zone Traffico Limitato in Italy is one of the most important things to do on your road trip there. Here’s why and how to do just that.   What is the Zone Traffico Limitato? These are, as the name implies, zones where access for traffic is limited. There are over 200 different Zona Read more about Italy’s Zona Traffico Limitato and How to Avoid it[…]

Top European Road Trip Tips (beginner version)

Whether you are going 50 miles or 500 (it’s better not to walk) you have to make sure you are comfortable. Here are our tips for a more comfortable road trip   If you are anything like me then every holiday season has a build up where you say to your friends “lets go on Read more about Top European Road Trip Tips (beginner version)[…]

Driving To Venice

On a slightly unusual trip we decided to ask: How easy is it to drive to Venice? How The Hell Do You Drive to Venice? Being a road trip blog we couldn’t let something like an island defeat us. However, the first time we were in Italy we thought that it would be too difficult because we Read more about Driving To Venice[…]

Taking in the Cinque Terre – All 5 in 1 Day

The Cinque Terre is as beautiful as it is rugged and it can be seen in a day. But, it is a bit of a challenge! Most people who travel to the Cinque Terre stay there for at least a few days so that they can fully explore all of the five towns. However, this Read more about Taking in the Cinque Terre – All 5 in 1 Day[…]

Is It Safe To Travel Abroad?

Is travelling abroad really as dangerous as it’s made out to be, or is it all just taken out of context?   News today really is global, events that we wouldn’t have been able to hear about before are now everywhere. When coupled with globalisation we come to an interesting dilemma for tourists about safety. Read more about Is It Safe To Travel Abroad?[…]

10 Road Trip Tips for Europe

No matter your age, your location, or your budget there are some new things that you can learn to improve your road trip experience. We hope that the following 10 road trip tips will make your trip nice and smooth, even when the road gets bumpy.   Choose the perfect partner Yes, yes, I know. Read more about 10 Road Trip Tips for Europe[…]

Your Native English Just Won’t Be Good Enough

When I first started travelling abroad I made a huge mistake that dramatically changed my quality of life. It’s all to do with being a native English speaker, but not being able to communicate. The problem is two-fold and it’s important. If you are going on holiday to “Europe” then you should think about whether Read more about Your Native English Just Won’t Be Good Enough[…]

We Will Rock You – Skalne Miasto and Bastei in a day

“It’s only three hours from Berlin…this is an experience we’re never going to forget, just take it all in”. (Overheard American tourists) We spent our pre-easter weekend between a rock city and a hard place, Skalne Miasto (Czech Republic) and Bastei (Germany). Two of the more unique places that we’ve seen in Europe, not just Read more about We Will Rock You – Skalne Miasto and Bastei in a day[…]

New Years in Paris, is it worth it?

Paris has got quite the reputation for itself. The city of love, culture and cuisine. All of these things are summed up best on one specific night of the year – New Year’s eve. Now, having finally experienced New Year’s eve in several different places around the world, I feel that I am suitably qualified to Read more about New Years in Paris, is it worth it?[…]

Scotland Part 3 -Wildlings

Scotland is pretty mystical, and nowhere more so than the Isle of Skye. This is probably one of the places that everyone has already been to or wants to go to at some point in time and I could see why. I’d heard about the fairy pools for a long time, and had seen some Read more about Scotland Part 3 -Wildlings[…]