Driving the Transalpina and the Transfagarasan – which is better?

When we were looking for more information about these roads we almost gave up. You can find a lot of information about the Transalpina which is going to tell you that you need a 4×4, possibly a tank, a week of food supplies and a lot of luck. I decided that we were going to Read more about Driving the Transalpina and the Transfagarasan – which is better?[…]

Italy’s Zona Traffico Limitato and How to Avoid it

Avoiding the Zone Traffico Limitato in Italy is one of the most important things to do on your road trip there. Here’s why and how to do just that.   What is the Zone Traffico Limitato? These are, as the name implies, zones where access for traffic is limited. There are over 200 different Zona Read more about Italy’s Zona Traffico Limitato and How to Avoid it[…]

Day Trips From Gdansk

When planning a trip to Gdansk it’s well worth considering that there are plenty of places within day trip distance of this historic city. You could, of course, go further along the seaside and see a view like the picture above. Any of the other towns in the “trojmiasto” (tri-city), which consists of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Read more about Day Trips From Gdansk[…]

Romanian castles – Where Dracula used to live. No, not that one.

While planning our trip to Romania I did quite a bit of research about Dracula. Everywhere knows about him therefore you can find notes like ‘Dracula was born here’, or ‘the place of Dracula’s biggest poo’. You can start the trip in Sighisoara, where Vlad was born. However it’s quite a small place, and we Read more about Romanian castles – Where Dracula used to live. No, not that one.[…]

Our 8 Misc Tips for Romania

Before going to Romania there are several random, but important, things that you should know about to guarantee an awesome stay. There’s a lot of dogs everywhere in Romania. Literally everywhere. They don’t shut up even at night. If you are driving around then be careful not to hit one of the aforementioned dogs, no Read more about Our 8 Misc Tips for Romania[…]

Top European Road Trip Tips (beginner version)

Whether you are going 50 miles or 500 (it’s better not to walk) you have to make sure you are comfortable. Here are our tips for a more comfortable road trip   If you are anything like me then every holiday season has a build up where you say to your friends “lets go on Read more about Top European Road Trip Tips (beginner version)[…]

Top 9 Reasons To Travel Out of Season

With the summer holidays approaching we thought it would be a good time to list our top 9 reasons why you should switch to travelling out-of-season Have you ever been on a well deserved summer vacation and thought, my god this is ridiculously hot? Ever cursed the crowds while waiting to enter a museum? Ever Read more about Top 9 Reasons To Travel Out of Season[…]

Dubrovnik – The Joy Of Travelling Out Of Season

Not always possible; almost always better – travelling out of season is an absolute joy   One of the less thought about factors when deciding your next destination is what it will be like at different times of year. We have experienced both the good and the bad in terms of out-of-season travel and, overall, Read more about Dubrovnik – The Joy Of Travelling Out Of Season[…]

The Queueing City of Rome

The queueing city of Rome Going to Rome you have to know that no matter when will you go there will always be thousands upon thousands of tourists wanting to do the same things you do, which means a lot of queuing. Given the fact that in summer the temperature can reach even 50 degrees Read more about The Queueing City of Rome[…]

Driving To Venice

On a slightly unusual trip we decided to ask: How easy is it to drive to Venice? How The Hell Do You Drive to Venice? Being a road trip blog we couldn’t let something like an island defeat us. However, the first time we were in Italy we thought that it would be too difficult because we Read more about Driving To Venice[…]