Road Trip Items to Make Your Adventure Easier

Whether it’s your first big adventure on the road or just one of many, everyone can use a little help sometimes. Here are some travel hacks that we’ve learnt over the last year to help to keep us on the road This article will help you understand why we have a massive combi (type of Read more about Road Trip Items to Make Your Adventure Easier[…]

17 Photos from 17 European Countries

Since we are incredibly close to finishing our goal of road-tripping to all European countries in under a year we thought that it was about time to put together all of our favourite pictures into one post.  Belgium -Atomium (Brussels)     Bosnia and Herzegovina -Mostar   Croatia – Dubrovnik City Walls Czech Republic – Read more about 17 Photos from 17 European Countries[…]

Our 8 Misc Tips for Romania

Before going to Romania there are several random, but important, things that you should know about to guarantee an awesome stay. There’s a lot of dogs everywhere in Romania. Literally everywhere. They don’t shut up even at night. If you are driving around then be careful not to hit one of the aforementioned dogs, no Read more about Our 8 Misc Tips for Romania[…]

Why Romania made me question everything

It’s not often that your perspective on life changes past university age. Even during my masters I was becoming rather stubborn and un-agreeable – a trait that I’m sure my parents would say that I was born with. However, it is only my first day in Romania and I’ve started to get a strange feeling Read more about Why Romania made me question everything[…]

Our longest ever single drive (16 hours) – Part 1/2

Our 16-hour marathon Now that you have read the most important piece of advice that we have for you it’s time to tell our story and see what you think about the whole situation that we got involved in. We were driving from Poland to Athens as the culture has always fascinated us, and it Read more about Our longest ever single drive (16 hours) – Part 1/2[…]

The most important lesson to learn from driving 16 hours days.

We travel everywhere by car, mainly because I hate flying with a passion and will try to get out of it as much as I possibly can. Think of trying to take an animal to the vet and it trying desperately not to get put into the cage – that’s pretty much me. It’s a Read more about The most important lesson to learn from driving 16 hours days.[…]

Dubrovnik – The Joy Of Travelling Out Of Season

Not always possible; almost always better – travelling out of season is an absolute joy   One of the less thought about factors when deciding your next destination is what it will be like at different times of year. We have experienced both the good and the bad in terms of out-of-season travel and, overall, Read more about Dubrovnik – The Joy Of Travelling Out Of Season[…]

The Queueing City of Rome

The queueing city of Rome Going to Rome you have to know that no matter when will you go there will always be thousands upon thousands of tourists wanting to do the same things you do, which means a lot of queuing. Given the fact that in summer the temperature can reach even 50 degrees Read more about The Queueing City of Rome[…]

Venice In A Day

Although once an impenetrable island fortress, Venice is now conquerable in a day.   Venice’s impressive history as a merchant republic and important trading centre is still more than evident to this day. When you couple stunning buildings with it’s unique locality then you are guaranteed to be awe-struck and start praying that it doesn’t Read more about Venice In A Day[…]

Driving To Venice

On a slightly unusual trip we decided to ask: How easy is it to drive to Venice? How The Hell Do You Drive to Venice? Being a road trip blog we couldn’t let something like an island defeat us. However, the first time we were in Italy we thought that it would be too difficult because we Read more about Driving To Venice[…]