10 Steps to Raise a Travel Cat

Due to a lot of questions about our training method we’ve decided to write a simple step-by-step guide on how to make your cat a travel cat!     Firstly, be careful, it won’t work with every cat, but you have a 90% chance if you have a kitty which is no older than 4 Read more about 10 Steps to Raise a Travel Cat[…]

Pet Friendly Accommodation Advice

Pet Friendly Accommodation Advice   We are usually using Booking.com to find hotels, so far none of the hotels listed as allowing pets have refused to host us with our cat. Some places said they have extra charges for animals, but we haven’t ever been asked to pay extra.   Checking in looks exactly the same,  Read more about Pet Friendly Accommodation Advice[…]

Raising a travel cat

Raising a Travel Cat   You have a young, clever kitty. Congrats! So what next? Well, if you are thinking of actually going away with your cat quite regularly the best option is to teach it to walk on a lead. We started as soon as we got her, she was 13 weeks old. First Read more about Raising a travel cat[…]

Travelling with a cat

Are you a traveller who also happens to love cats but not know if you can combine these two?   A year ago we were in the same situation – running a temporary home cat shelter for stray cats between one trip and another. We were getting very young ones, sometimes still to bottle feed, Read more about Travelling with a cat[…]