Top 10 Christmas Markets in Europe

Love them or hate them, Christmas markets are slowly coming back and you’ll be up to your ears in alcohol, food and presents before you know it. This year why not venture out a bit further and see what a foreign Santa looks like and if you can add some extra special presents under your Read more about Top 10 Christmas Markets in Europe[…]

Places to visit near London

If you ever get bored of London, which does eventually happen, sometimes very quickly, then you will need a few different things to do. Or, perhaps, you get caught in one of the few heatwaves and really cannot face the queues and going around buildings with air-conditioning and need something different to do. Whatever your Read more about Places to visit near London[…]

150 Things to Do in London (Something for Everyone)

  150 of the best things to do in London If you’ve ever travlled with anyone else before (no matter how much you love them) you’ll know that there is such thing as an awkward traveller. Someone who can seemingly never find something interesting. That’s who we’ve tried to create this list for, the awkward Read more about 150 Things to Do in London (Something for Everyone)[…]

How to survive your first trip on the London Underground

The London Underground, normally just called “the tube”, is normally a nightmare for tourists. As a native Londoner it has never really confused or worried me, I’ve spent quite a lot of my life underground by this point in time, but for those who are not ready for it, it can be a horrible and Read more about How to survive your first trip on the London Underground[…]