Bribes aren’t all bad

Being asked for a bribe is one of the things that travellers fear the most, but they could be doing you a favour, regardless of legality.   “Abroad” is full of “them”. Who do I mean? Oh you know the ones. The sort that aren’t in OUR native countries. The people who are out to Read more about Bribes aren’t all bad[…]

Seeing the Aurora in summer – is it possible?

On top of many a travellers bucket list, the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, enchant all those who get to glance at their glimmering trails across the sky. But, is it just for those in big warm jackets and snow boots?     If you are able to see the aurora in summer depends on Read more about Seeing the Aurora in summer – is it possible?[…]

The 4 Myths of doing Scandinavia on a budget

During our reaserch before the trip we read that it’s not true that Scandinavia is expensive. Somewhere we read that prices in Sweden are 1,5x higher than in Poland. Well, 1,5x might be true, but only if you compare it to UK. So – is Scandinavia that expensive? And, can you still do it on Read more about The 4 Myths of doing Scandinavia on a budget[…]

Top 6 Travel Myths and Some Thoughts

Travel Myth #1: Travel is only for the young and single. In our youth we all want to head off and explore some far-flung region of the world. Or near-flung, however I’m not sure of the terminology of that one. Yet as we get older we slowly give in to the constant ..advice..of our peers Read more about Top 6 Travel Myths and Some Thoughts[…]

17 Photos from 17 European Countries

Since we are incredibly close to finishing our goal of road-tripping to all European countries in under a year we thought that it was about time to put together all of our favourite pictures into one post.  Belgium -Atomium (Brussels)     Bosnia and Herzegovina -Mostar   Croatia – Dubrovnik City Walls Czech Republic – Read more about 17 Photos from 17 European Countries[…]

Top 9 Reasons To Travel Out of Season

With the summer holidays approaching we thought it would be a good time to list our top 9 reasons why you should switch to travelling out-of-season Have you ever been on a well deserved summer vacation and thought, my god this is ridiculously hot? Ever cursed the crowds while waiting to enter a museum? Ever Read more about Top 9 Reasons To Travel Out of Season[…]

Is It Safe To Travel Abroad?

Is travelling abroad really as dangerous as it’s made out to be, or is it all just taken out of context?   News today really is global, events that we wouldn’t have been able to hear about before are now everywhere. When coupled with globalisation we come to an interesting dilemma for tourists about safety. Read more about Is It Safe To Travel Abroad?[…]

Your Native English Just Won’t Be Good Enough

When I first started travelling abroad I made a huge mistake that dramatically changed my quality of life. It’s all to do with being a native English speaker, but not being able to communicate. The problem is two-fold and it’s important. If you are going on holiday to “Europe” then you should think about whether Read more about Your Native English Just Won’t Be Good Enough[…]