May 30, 2018

About Us

About Us

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Travel photographer and writer, the artistic part of the team with a bachelor’s in science.

A Perfect wife and cat mother. Addicted to chocolate, Marvel movies and taking pictures of cabbages fields.

Thinking that the mesure of happiness is the number of cats you have.

Running tyretrack’s instagram, pinterest, and planning trips.


Female Maine Coon, the youngest and prettiest member of tyre track, our personal travel cat.

The greatest enemy of dogs, flies and birds and the perfect cat model – walking on a leash better than majority of dogs and kids.

Professional fetcher and climber of trees. Future first formula 1 cat driver and Dakkar winner. 


Sandra’s and Lukrecja’s driver,  instagram husband level beginner.

Master of Arts with problems how to hold the camera.

English teacher by day, editor and SEO writer by night. Dreaming about becoming a famous gamer not a travel blogger, but shit happens.

Responsible for our twitter, videos and changing tyres.