Question Time with Lukrecja

Being a travel cat is a difficult life and many people have at least a couple of questions that they would like answered – maybe even some cats have some questions. So, without further ado, our resident travel cat is going to answer all of your most pressing questions

Where do you live?
I live in Szczecin, Poland but I also visit my grandparents in London for a few months every year. They quite like having their favourite grandcat there πŸ˜‰

What do you eat?
I eat only grain free at least 90% meat cans (not meat waste, pure meat!). My favourite ones contain prawns, caviar and herring. I’m also getting whole prey – mostly 1 day old chickens.

How do you not run away?
I’m leash trained, my mum is just removing it from pics. I’m also doing ‘sit’, ‘shake’ and ‘high five’ – so sitting still for a treat isn’t a problem for me.

Do your pawrents take you with them when they go out? Like going for coffee?
I’ve been in pubs a few times and in a restaurant. We only go to places like that on whole day trips to feed my humans. I get too excited in places like that and its not socially acceptable for a cat to walk on tables in public. I have no idea why.

When will you write your own Great Cat Travel Book? Would be a best seller?
When my parents decide to sponsor my creative writing classes… or employ a ghost writer! They really do hold me back sometimes

Do you like other cats?
No. I don’t really like dogs or kids either. My parents say its because I think I’m human and I only accept humans… but that’s not true, I’m a goddess.

How many different countries have you visited?
So far I’ve been to the UK and travelled around Poland, France, Czech republic, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Belgium and Netherlands.

Are you single?
Single and castrated.

Where can I find a sweaterΒ like yours?
It was made especially for me by a person who exclusively does animals clothes, mostly for dogs. It was done on my measurement and in my favourite color πŸ™‚ I’m sure you can find people doing clothes like this in every country. You can always try to message people who knit clothes for newborns too.

How is it possible you don’t get cold?
I do sometimes, that’s why I go out in a sweater or a jacket

What’s your favourite place to explore?
There’s one lake in Szczecin which I really like – the path is 3km long, up and down and with a lot of barriers I can slide on. I also like new places, mainly after rush hour when I can go around and explore, especially if I can hunt new animals like crickets in Mont Saint Michel <3

Where’s your favourite place to nap?
In a bed or the back of the car πŸ™‚

Have you ever bumped into other animals?
I see dogs almost every time I go somewhere. Usually they are quite scared of me. Especially when I chase them.

Will you marry me pretty? (the french one)
Sorry, I don’t like cats in that way…

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