Geierlay Bridge – A small guide

Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay is the longest swingbridge in Germany, measuring 360 meters and hanging 100m above Mörsdorfer Bach valley. The bridge was opened in Ocober 2015 and has already become insta-famous – you’d be surprised how many people come to see it! You can cross it only by foot, which may seem obvious for you, but some people are amazed that they can’t cycle across it.

How to get there
The easiest way is by car, Geierlay bridge is only 1.5h driving away from Frankfurt. The bridge is located between the towns of Mörsdorf and Sosberg. Once you are 10-15 minutes away from it you can just follow signs saying “Hangeseilbrucke“.

Parking is next to the visitors centre and costs 2 euros for 2 hours.
If you are going during tourist season then it’s best to arrive as early as possible. When returned to the car park around 12 and it was completely full with a queue forming.

The Geierlay visitor centre is your last chance to use the toilet and grab something to eat or drink before you go.

From the visitors centre the walk is 1.8km long through an open field. It is slightly covered by trees at the end, but it’s not a meander through a romantic forest to get there. Also, do be aware that you may need some protection from the weather – there is no protection from anything.

The bridge itself is free.

The crossing
If you are very sensitive, you can feel a bit dizzy, cause the bridge swings quite a lot, especially when you have people going past you. Maybe if you’re an experienced rope bridge crosser then this will be easy for you, but for us we did find it a bit wobbly. Don’t worry, you’re never in danger of getting thrown off or something like that, it’s literally a couple of centimeters of sway from side to side.

Geierlay is only 85cm wide so sometimes you can get stuck behind someone taking a picture (like us), rolling a pram or… pushing a dog through. Yes, really, people take their whole families, prams and shit scared dogs.

When we were coming back we saw a massive queue behind quite a big dog who decided that its too scared to move. Unfortunetly it wanted to be right in the middle.

Even if dogs are allowed in places like this you should think twice – in the end you cant pack your german shepard into a backpack like we do with our cat. Besides, we decided it’s not the best place for her either and she stayed in the hotel.

The walk from the centre and crossing the bridge with breaks for pictures took us 2 hours.

Fancy a longer trip? You can always visit Eltz castle! 

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