Eltz Castle – A small guide to a Insta-famous castle

Eltz Castle is a medival castle in Wierschem in Germany. It had been almost forgotten for 8 centuries, but it’s now going through a second youth thanks to Instagram and Neuschwanstein Castle being too mainstream. If Cinderella was a hipster this would definitely be her home.

Before you go check the opening time! The castle is usually open only from April to October. During these months the castle is open daily from 09:30 to 17.30. The shop and restaurant are also open only between April to October.
If you are planning to visit the inside of the castle, remember not to take your pet – they aren’t allowed indoors, but you can walk around Eltz castle with them. A lot of people do it!
Tickets for a guided tour around the castle cost 10 euros for adults and 6 euros for kids.


How to get there:
You can get to Eltz castle by car as a day trip from Mainz, Bonn or Frankfurt – or, alternatively, you can take a tour from any one of them. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous it’s even possible to take a boat trip to somewhere near the castle. Please note, however, that the boat doesn’t go anywhere near the castle and you will still need to get the bus / shuttle up to it.
If you decide to drive, don’t stay at the first car park you see cause that’s a park and ride. Or you can park and walk for 7 km if that’s your wish.
The second parking (the one you want!) is 1.5 km away and costs 2 euros.


The walk to the castle:
You have two options – a private road (800m long) and a footpath through the forest (1.5km). We decided to take the scenic option. If you’re going to a fairytale type castle then you have to go through the forest, right?
No photos are allowed inside the castle – you can’t even buy a pass for it. And, as you’d imagine, you’re not able to fly a drone around it. 
The guided tour takes 40 minutes and you can book it in German, English or French. Inside the castle you can find the oldest surviving cannon balls, original furniture, hunting trophies, paintings, suits of armor and weapons.
If you fancy longer hike than the one to the castle itself you can try to hike form Eltz Castle to Pyrmont castle (9.5km) or the better known Eltz castle panorama hike, which is 12.6 km long.
If you are there – don’t forget to go to geierlay bridge!

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