Things to do in Croatia (Our Top 5)

Top 5 Things to Do in Croatia

Croatia is small, but mighty. It’s stunning landscape is full of history and picture-perfect locations that will make even the most cold-hearted tourist fall in love. But, for those of us who can’t spend a lifetime wandering around this beautiful country it’s worth knowing where to spend the majority of our time.

1. Krka National Park


Krka is a national park close to Sibernik, with hundreds of waterfalls. It’s smaller than Plitvice lakes, but that doesn’t mean you can skip it!
We chose the entrance in Lozovac, where after 30 minutes of an easy walk you reach the most famous waterfall – Skradinski Buk. As a side note, swimming is allowed in summer!
The park is pet friendly. although some of the buses there aren’t (oficially).
Going by foot adds an extra 10 minutes, but it is quite a nice wonder, however it isn’t for everyone
A ticket also allows you to enter from Skradin as well.
You can reach the park from Sibernik, Zadar and Split, as a day trip.
2. Split
From Diocletian’s Palace, the old city and the sea to mountains and amazing food. Split really is the picture perfect Croatian city – and that’s backed up by the number of people who flock there.
It’s also an amazing base to see some of the croatian islands from, as well as for relaxing. We could even imagine spending 3 to 7 days there, which really is saying something.
It’s even close enough to Italy to have amazing ice cream 😉
Tip: if you going on big islands (Brać, Hvar etc.) it’s worth taking your own car there, on a regular ferry.
Tip 2: if you want to see the most famous islands in 1 day, the best way is to go with travel agency.
3. Pula


When you want to see Coloseum, but Rome is too far away 🙂
The old city is a bit more modern than Split and Dubrovnik, but you can still feel the Roman spirit. It’s yet another perfect base to see some of the Croatian islands from
Tip: If you bored of Croatia (is it possible?) you can take a day trip to Venice – which doesn’t sound too bad, does it?!
4. Plitvice National Park


There are a few different routes, we chose the 4h one, but you can spend up to a few days there, if you don’t get sick and tired of crowds that is.
Dogs are allowed, but swimming isn’t possible.
The park looks best in summer, however given the amount of people there, it’s best to do it in winter or spring, in our opinion.
If you are planning to do the short route (the shortest one is 2h) you can do it as a 1 day trip from Zagreb (2h one way), Zadar (1,5h one way) or Split (2,5h one way)
5. Dubrovnik


The most beutiful city in Croatia, also known as Kings Landing.
It’s fully packed in summer – you can’t get a hotel or dinner reservation type of packed. If you want to properly enjoy it, consider going outside the tourist season.
If you do go outside of the summer period then getting boats to the islands will be harder/impossible and the cable car won’t be working. Some restaurants are closed (though it gets better every year), but you can properly enjoy the walk around thes city wall and around the old city. We were lucky enough to even see some Game of Thrones shooting.
We’ve been to Dubrovnik several times in different seasons and have to say we enjoyed it a lot more in winter, even though services were limited.
Tip: Outside the season you can easily drive to the top of the hill that overlooks the city, which is where the cable car goes. At the top you have a small parking place, there are also taxis taking groups of tourists there.
Tip 2: If you go first to Dubrovnik and then to some smaller places you might feel how Japaneese people feel in Paris. So, if possible, leave Dubrovnik as the last thing you see.

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