The Croatian Island You Can Drive To




After 3 days in Split, arriving to Zadar we didn’t have that much to do. Seeing the sea organ, the greeting of the sun, the forum, Fosa and Riva only takes a few hours, so we started looking for day trips from Zadar that wouldn’t take too much time.

We considered taking a day trip with travel agency, but everything around is either 10 hours of going on some island or other national park, namely Krka and Plitvice lakes. 10 hours on a coach with lots of other people isn’t exactly our idea of fun – especially since we always end up sitting next to the screaming baby or the woman who can’t stop touching our cat (or both).
The official Zadar website didn’t help us either, it had suggestions like going to watch a basketball match or see the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Well, we’ve seen the most beautiful sunsets as well, sorry, and they are in Africa, dear Zadar, you really will have to deal with it.
After 40 minutes of working like Sisyphus (reference for the kids there) Adam opened google maps to look for a day trip from Zadar for himself. He managed to find…. an island you can drive to. Even two. No ferry. Just a bridge. Isn’t it perfect for road-trippers?

At a glance Pag looked better than Vir, so the next day we woke up, packed our cat and drove there. We didn’t expect much, so when we reached Paski most (the bridge taking you to Pag – above) we were quite surprised by the view. Even if you don’y have time to go to the island itself, seeing the bridge is worth the day trip from Zadar. 
When you are reading up on this island you can find information that, because of the wind, there are no trees and it all looks like the moon. Well, not quite, however, if you go to the other end of island you will reach Lun, which is famous for olive gardens and farms with a lot of sheep. Doesn’t sound like something you have on the moon to me.

If you’re into small towns you can go around Pag city and Novalja, but after seeing Dubrovnik and Split then there isn’t really anything special anymore, so we decided to drive all the way to Lun and then back, stopping at Gradac view point

The plan was to stop on some beaches along the way – zrce, sv. duh, pag beach just to name a few. Well, we were there outside the main tourist season so almost all of the roads to beaches were closed. I still have no idea how a dirt track can be closed.
One day we are going to move to Croatia and start a off-season tour company. And possibly an Indian restaurant, god did we miss it.

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