15 Phenomenal photos of Scandinavia

Scandinavia can be outrageously expensive, but is that countered by it’s sheer beauty?

Although Scandinavia cannot really be done on a budget, when compared to the rest of Europe anyway, it can be beautiful.

1)Briksdal Glacier

2) A Mountain Pass – there are many

3) Preikestolen


4) Trollstigen

5) The Way to Briksdal Glacier


6) North Cape – The northern most point in mainland Europe (that you can drive to)

7) Seriously, the walk to Briksdal Glacier


8) Porovoo – Finland

9) The Lighthouse in Skagen

10) The Norweigen Fjords in general



11) Just about any coast around sunset

12) The beauty of a rare sunny day



13) A ferry and a fjord



14 / 15) Everything – it all looks so dramatic!

In hindsight we think that Scandinavia was more than worth it, although the nights we spent in a tent made us worry. Several times we woke up in a bit of a swimming pool!

During our trip around it become obvious why Scandinavian noire exists as a genre, it can be incredibly moody – but on the rare sunny day it’s paradise.

It is immensely beautiful, though. What would you put on your list of most beautiful sites in Scandinavia? Is there something that you think we have overrated, or that we should be ashamed for missing out?! Let us know in the comments below!

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