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17 Photos from 17 European Countries

Since we are incredibly close to finishing our goal of road-tripping to all European countries in under a year we thought that it was about time to put together all of our favourite pictures into one post. 

  • Belgium -Atomium (Brussels)

    Atomium in Brussels



  • Bosnia and Herzegovina -Mostar

    Stari Most from the mosque in Mostar


  • Croatia – Dubrovnik City Walls

    City Walls in Dubrovnik

  • Czech Republic – Skalne Miasto

    Skalne Miasto – Czech Mountains

  • France – The Eiffel Tower

    Disappearing into the mist – The Eiffel Tower (Paris)

  • Germany – Saxon Switzerland (Bastei)

    Bastei in Germany

  • Greece – Meteora

    All the way at the top – Meteora

  • Hungary – Fishermans Wharf

    Fisherman’s Wharf – Budapest

  • Italy – Burano

    Colourful island next to Venice – Burano

  • Montenegro – Budva

    Ballet Dancer Statue – Budva

  • Netherlands – Amsterdam

    We tried…
    Chinese Restaurant – Amsterdam

  • Poland – Leba

    Sand Dunes in Leba

  • Romania – The Transfagarasan

    The Transfagarasan Highway

  • San Marino – Guatia


  • Slovenia – Lake Bohinj

    Lake Bohinj

  • United Kingdom (UK)
    Scotland – The Highlands

    The Scottish Highlands

    England – Big Ben from the South Bank


    Big Ben (Of course) – View from the South Bank.

    What do you think of our photos? Do you have some of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below and leave a like if we tickled your fancy!

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