Costs for a week in Romania

Costs for a 7-day driving trip to Romania

Bucharest can be beautiful


It comes to around 547 Euros (2500 Lei), at an exchange rate of 1 Euro = 4.57 Lei


Petrol or diesel costs between 4 and 4.5 lei depending on the station that you get it from, with prices being dramatically lower the further away you get from Bucharest.
You will also need a Vignette – a full breakdown of prices can be found here ( There are no extra costs of motorways or roads (although please click the previous link to see what the vignette does) even for the Transfagarasan and the Transalpina

There are no extra charges for the Transfagarasan or Transalpina

A Meal is around 15-25 lei in less touristy places, but can rise up to 50lei in Bran or Bucharest.

The entry to Corvin castle and Bran castle is 35 lei, but it must be said that there does seem to be a wide-acceptance of student cards – so remember to take it if you have it. This is also true for the museums in Bucharest

Corvin Castle – Entry is 35 Lei

Fruit and Vegetables, in the summer, are everywhere and incredibly tasty. Not only that, but they are also pretty cheap so if you like this sort of stuff then you will be in for a treat. However, even though there was a lot of it available in supermarkets and on the side of the road it has to be said that being vegetarian in a restaurant proved to be quite difficult.

If only the taste had matched the looks!

Hotels starts from 20 euros per night per room around the countryside – although you can get a hostel for cheaper – and doesn’t get much higher than this in the smaller cities, however you will be able to find chain hotels and more expensive hotels without a problem as well. Alternatively, we passed by many campsites, both guarded or unguarded / paid and unpaid.

Maybe this isn’t the campsite you’re looking for though…

In the basic hotels that we stayed at the overall standard was quite basic and in some cases poor. We generally stayed at places run by families and we did have problems when it came to communicating with them due to us not speaking Romanian and them not speaking English. It never led to any really bad situations, but we did not want anything complicated – just to check-in / out and pay.

That’s it for now, what do you think of our spend in Romania? Did we over-spend or did we do quite well? Let us know what you think below!

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