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Driving To Venice

On a slightly unusual trip we decided to ask: How easy is it to drive to Venice?

The Grand Canal

How The Hell Do You Drive to Venice?
Being a road trip blog we couldn’t let something like an island defeat us. However, the first time we were in Italy we thought that it would be too difficult because we had read lots of different people complaining about the process. We heard that parking there is insanely difficult. We heard that the system was completely confusing. We also heard that you may as well park as far away at the closest major city and just get a train because of the price. We found none of this to be true.

The whole driving experience there was incredibly simple, convenient and, although it was a touch expensive, overall it provided good value for money. We actually stayed in Venice – Lido, which is an island next to Venice, which meant that we had to get the carry ferry across. The whole experience was completely easy and that probably comes from the fact that they are used to people doing it. This is something that people do everyday so it was stupid of me, in particular, to assume that it would be a nightmare when it was anything but. The ferries are regular and convenient as well as being quite quick – although some checking of the schedule is advised.

An advantage of staying somewhere like Lido is that you can choose whether you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the main attraction or if you want to get stuck in. Getting there by car, in all honesty, wouldn’t be most people’s first choice – but the key thing is that if you need to then it is more than convenient.


Another way of getting to Venice by car, but avoiding car ferries, is to drive to somewhere like Punto Sabbioni and stay around there, or so we were told. From here you can get a boat into the middle, although it does mean that you will be spending longer on the boats than you otherwise would.

The way we did it was to drive to down the SR11 towards the Tronchetto car park and follow the signs for that. Afterwards you simply follow the signs for “car ferry” and make sure you make a note of which one you need to get on. It really was that simple to get a car ferry and to drive to Venice, there really was nothing to worry about and I spent the whole time on the ferry thinking about how stupid I had been to think that it would be anything other than simple.

If you would like to know a bit more about parking in Venice, then you may find this link useful.

To my surprise even the Sat Nav seemed to be perfectly ok with the route that we wanted to take. This is the same sat nav that has got us into some serious problems in the past when we were trying to do other things that could fall into the category of “adventurous”. The key, much with driving in Italy in general, is to keep relaxed and make sure you keep an eye on the signs. Done!

Like always in Italy, make sure to keep an eye out for those ZTL signs on the way into Venice.


Boatbuilders in the city centre – Something I’d never even thought about.


Final Thoughts About Driving to Venice
If you are going on holiday and you are just going to Venice then we don’t think that there is a point in driving there. However, if you are planning to go on a road trip in the region and would also like to take in Venice then this has hopefully made you realise that it is really quite simple to add it to your itinerary. There is a ridiculous amount of parking along the road that leads to the main “Tronchetto” parking area which are next to train stops for the shuttle that takes you in and out. Venice was also one 100% worth it. Which was the other thing that I wasn’t sure about before we went….

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