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Scotland Part 3 -Wildlings

Scotland is pretty mystical, and nowhere more so than the Isle of Skye. This is probably one of the places that everyone has already been to or wants to go to at some point in time and I could see why.

I’d heard about the fairy pools for a long time, and had seen some pretty amazing pictures of what looked like big waterfalls with an epic Lord of the Rings style mountain in the background. We knew that it was obviously photoshopped, but I had wanted to go for about 6 years so I gladly drove 12+ hours that day just to go and have a look around the island, although the main goal was definitely this seemingly awesome place.

The whole island is one big movie set and has been used in some pretty big films ( Just make sure that before you go you have a full tank of petrol, it’s either impossible to find or extortionate due to the rarity of it.

Another warning, if you are the sort of passenger who gets car sick easily, then this probably isn’t the trip for you. I used to get car sick when I was younger, but haven’t had it since I started driving. But, if you do experience it every now and then, make sure that you plan a bit more time there so that you can split the driving up and it’s a bit easier on your stomach!

Is it worth it? Yes.


Eilean Donan Castle



It’s not just nature, but castle and small little cafes and restaurants and pubs to stop off at and experience what is often called a “slower pace of life” – normally I’d associate this with a place where there is just nothing to do, but I don’t think that this can be said about the Isle of Skye, or Scotland in general – it’s just worth it to take your time. I do regret not being able to stay there for longer.

We pressed on to the fairy pools. Something that is quite a long walk away from the car park, and the car park is often full which means that people just leave their cars by the road side and start the trek, so be somewhat careful (leave the handbrake on for god’s sake).

All of the walk there and back is spectacular. But, make sure that you take a hat as well as warm clothes. The reason being that it is really windy and cold, we went there without a hat and came back with a headache, not exactly what we’d had in mind.


All in all the walk took around an hour or so, and you need to be a decent walker with decent enough stamina to be able to complete the whole thing. It also involves jumping, so be advised…or getting wet, your choice! You don’t have to be “fit” by any means, I mean I haven’t gone to the gym in a very long time, but I’m still “young” (arguably).

So, with that we said goodbye to the Isle of Skye and headed for the border to go back home. It’s worth repeating that there are scenic routes everywhere in Scotland, and even the motorway trip back through Glasgow was something pretty amazing, make sure that you plan the roads that you want to take before you go, because it really is worth it.

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